1.) How do I contact Advanced Cable Communications?

Visit our Contact Us page for more information to contact us via Phone, E-mail and In-Person

2.) Where are you located?

Coral Springs Office 
12409 NW 35th Street Coral Springs, FL 33065
(Go west on Sample Road and take your last right before the Sawgrass Expressway into the Coral Springs Corporate Park on 124th Street. Follow to the end and Advanced Cable Communications is across the street)

Weston Office
1274 Weston Road. Weston FL 33326 
(Behind Indian Trace Plaza, Southeast end of center.)

3.) What are your hours? 

Visit our Contact Us page for more information on our office hours.

4.) How long must I wait for the installer the day of the installation?

Your time is valuable!  That's why we set up appointment windows.

5.) What if I forget the date of my installation?

Feel free to contact our office (954-753-0100) anytime you have a question

6.) If I miss the installer, what should I do?

Call our office (954-753-0100) and we will reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time.

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1.) What is Residential High-Speed Cable Internet Service?

High-Speed Cable Internet Service is one of the fastest home Internet services you can get.  It delivers the full power of the Internet - incredible multimedia, streaming music, and unlimited possibilities for fun, learning, and communication - to your computer using a cable wire instead of a phone line.  Advanced Cable Internet Service provides all the features you need to enjoy the Web: unlimited access, blazing speed, up to nine email accounts, 100 MB of personal Web Space, and superior 24/7 technical support.

2.) Speed and "Always On"? How fast is Advanced Cable Internet?

Incredibly fast! Advanced Cable Internet Service is up to 150 times faster * than a 56K dial-up modem and up to 9 times faster than DSL Lite!  Speeds are high as 100Mbps! 

3.) What does "always on" mean?

It means that you never have to dial up again.  NO phone line needed.  If your computer is on, you’re online - with instant, high-speed access to everything the Internet has to offer.

4.) Can I get Advanced Cable Internet service in my neighborhood?

Advanced Cable Internet Service is offered everywhere Advanced Cable Television is offered.

5.) Do I still need my Internet Service Provider?

No.  Advanced Cable Internet Service gives you a lightning-fast connection to the Internet, plus email, and Web Space.  

6.) If I don't subscribe to cable TV, can I still get Advanced Cable Internet Service?

Yes, if you reside in an Advanced Cable service area. 

7.) What are the minimum system requirements?

10/100 network card that supports a category 5 network cable w/an RJ45 connector


  • Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT 4.0, 2000, ME, XP home/office or Vista
  • Pentium-equivalent Processor (Pentium 133 or higher recommended)
  • 32 MB RAM for Windows 95, 98, 98SE (64 MB recommended) 64 MB RAM for Windows NT 4.0, ME, 2000, XP home/office 150 MB available disk space


  • Mac OS 8.5 or higher
  • PowerPC 601 Processor (PowerPC 603 or higher recommended)
  • 24 MB Memory/System RAM (32 MB recommended)
  • 56 MB available disk space

8.) What is a cable modem?

A cable modem is an external device that connects to your computer.  Cable modems translate radio frequency (RF) signals to and from the cable plant into Internet Protocol (IP); the communications protocol spoken by all computers connected to the Internet.  Advanced Cable Internet Service requires a two-way DOCSIS 1.1 or higher compliant cable modem.

9.) Can I have more than one email address?

Yes.  Up to 10 email addresses are included in your low monthly fee.

10.) Can I have my own Website on Advanced Cable Internet Service?

Your account provides for 100MB of Web Space for your personal use.

11.) Can I attach a server to your network?

No.  This is a residential service and does not support or allow servers of any kind.  Please visit our business services page to learn more. 

Residential Internet Terms of Use

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Digital Television 

1.) How soon can I get my cable connected?      

Usually within one business day. 

2.) Do you have a program guide?

Digital Cable provides you with an interactive on screen program guide.  Tune to Channel 21 to view our 24-hour Electronic Program Guide; a continuously scrolling list of what is on each of our channels.

3.) Do I need a converter box to get cable?

That depends on the services you subscribe to. Please speak to a customer care representative for more information.

4.) How do I order Pay-Per-View?

Please visit our PPV webpage for information on upcoming events and ordering information. 

5.) Is there a charge for extra outlets?

 No! There is absolutely NO MONTHLY CHARGE for standard basic cable on extra outlets. They are free with your cable service! There is a one time installation charge per outlet.

6.) What should I do if I experience technical problems with my cable?

  Please refer to our online troubleshooting guide. Contact our office 24/7 at (954) 753-0100.

7.) How much does technical/repair service cost?

Repair costs may vary if applicable.

8.) What should I do if I have a question about Closed Captioning?

  • Submit any complaints regarding issues with Closed Captioning via one of the following options:Send in written form to: Advanced Cable Communications Closed Captioning Help 12409 NW 35th Street Coral Springs, FL 33065
  • Send an email to CC_help@advancedcable.net
  • Send a fax to 954-753-9866
  • Call 954-752-7244 Ext. 221

9.) How do I program my DTA remote control?

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Digital Phone

1.) What is Advanced Phone?

Advanced Phone is a multi-featured, residential phone service available from Advanced Cable Communications. Advanced Phone service is as easy to use as your existing phone service from your traditional phone company. Plus, you'll receive additional benefits, which include unlimited local and long distance calling throughout the United States , Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands all for one low monthly price!

2.) Can I have Advanced Phone?

Yes! You can subscribe to Advanced Phone service if you live within the Advanced Cable Communications serviceable area?

3.) What does Advanced Phone offer?

(1) The power to call anyone, anytime, anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands as often as you like for one low monthly price. (2) Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Waiting ID, Call Forwarding and much more at no extra cost! (3) The convenience of one bill including local/long distance phone charges, cable television services and high-speed Internet.

4.) Will I save money?

Most people will save money by subscribing to Advanced Phone service from Advanced Cable. To find out how much money you will save, call us today at 954-753-0100.

5.) Do I need to subscribe to other Advanced Cable services to get Advanced Phone?

No. You're not required to subscribe to any other Advanced Cable service to get Advanced Phone. However, by subscribing to more than one service from Advanced Cable you will be saving even more money. Please see the Packages and Pricing section of the website for more details.

6.) Is there an additional fee to switch to Advanced Phone?

There is a one-time installation and activation charge from Advanced Cable when you have the service professionally installed in your home. Check with your current phone provider to see if it assesses a charge to transfer your phone number to Advanced Cable.

7.) Can I keep my existing number?

Yes. In most cases you can keep your existing phone number. This means that you will continue to receive calls from your family and friends without having to notify them of a new telephone number. We do need to verify the availability for transferring your existing phone number before you can use it with Advanced Phone service.  You also have the option to receive a brand new number from Advanced Cable.

8.) Can I have more than one phone line/number with Advanced Phone and if so, what is the cost of the additional number?

Yes.  You can have a total of two different phone lines/numbers per EMTA with Advanced Phone.  The second phone line/number is an additional charge.  Please see the Packages and Pricing section of the website or call us to learn more at 954-753-0100.

9.) Does Advanced Phone support distinctive ring?

No. At present, we do not offer distinctive ring service.

10.) Will my phone number be listed in telephone directories?

Yes, your phone numbers will be listed in telephone directories, unless you request an unlisted phone number.

11.) Can I use my existing home phones with Advanced Phone service?

Yes. Advanced Phone will connect to all your working jacks and telephones.

12.) Does Advanced Phone replace my current home phone service?

Yes. If you choose to keep your existing number, then Advanced Cable will notify your existing provider that you are switching service.

13.) Will my monitored security system work with Advanced Phone?

Advanced Phone will work with most monitored home security systems. In the event that Advanced Cable installs and configures Advanced Phone with your home security system, we require that you test the alarm system before and after your installation.

14.) Can I use Advanced Phone for my business?

Yes, Advanced Phone is available for business. Call 954-753-0100 for pricing.

15.) Can I talk on the phone, browse the Internet and watch TV all at the same time?

Yes! Advanced Cable will provide you with new equipment, which will allow you to utilize the Internet service, cable service, and the phone service simultaneously Advanced Cable services operate independently of one another and therefore one service is not affected by the use of another.

16.) How do I use my Advanced Phone features?

Please review the Advanced Phone Features section of the website for complete details of the features available and how they are used.

17.) Can I call 911 using my Advanced phone?

Yes! Enhanced 911 (E911) is part of Advanced Phone service. With E911, when you dial emergency services, the operator automatically receives your name and address information in advance. Please note that there may be circumstances under which the E911 services available with Advanced Phone may be limited in comparison to traditional 911 service. Please see Advanced Cable's Subscriber Agreement for more information.

18.) If my power goes, does my 911 service still work?

Advanced Phone service provides up to 4 hours of battery backup. So long as your battery backup is not uncharged, discharged, improperly installed or malfunctioning, your phone service will continue to work even if you lose electrical power. This includes your E911 service. Note that it's important to have a battery backup telephone to use at all times in case of power failure.

19.) If my phone service is temporarily suspended for non-payment, does my 911 service stop working?

No. If you are temporarily suspended for non-payment, your 911 service will still function. If you are disconnected instead of suspended, then your 911 will NOT work. Disconnect reasons are: 1. You request to be disconnected. 2. You fail to pay your bill after 45 days.

20.) Under which circumstances would my 911 service stop working besides being disconnected by the cable company or stand-by battery backup failure during a power outage?

Any changes you make to the Advanced Phone equipment without first notifying Advanced Cable may cause your Advanced Phone service, including 911 service, to fail. Please notify Advanced Cable before making any changes to your equipment. Also, other circumstances such as network issues could affect your 911 service. A few reasons that your 911 service would stop working are: 

  • If you move the Advanced Phone equipment to a different address without first notifying Advanced Cable of the move.
  • If you move the Advanced Phone equipment to a different location within the residence from the initial installation. 
  • If the Advanced Phone equipment fails or is not configured properly. 4. If there is a problem with network facilities, including network congestion, network/equipment/power failure, or another technical problem.

21.) Can I choose my Long Distance Carrier?

You have the option to select another long distance carrier if you so desire. However, Advanced Phone comes with FREE long distance in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. If you select another carrier, your Advanced Phone bill will not change. However you will incur additional charges from whichever long distance carrier that you choose.

22.) How do I make long distance calls?

Dial as usual. Press 1 before the area code and telephone number.

23.) How do I make international calls?

Just dial as usual that is, 011 + country code + city code + telephone number. Calls to international locations are extra but are billed at discounted rates.

24.) Can I use my calling card for long distance calls?

Advanced Phone provides local and long distance calling included in the price, so there is no need to use a calling card.

25.) How soon can my Advanced Phone service be installed?

We are usually able to complete installation in 5-10 business days.

26.) Should I wait to disconnect my current home phone service until Advanced Phone is installed?

Yes. If you choose to keep your current home telephone number (i.e. port your number), you should NOT contact your current home phone service provider. You need to continue the service from your current phone provider until we complete your Advanced Phone installation. Once our installation is complete and your phone number is successfully transferred, we will contact your current phone service provider to ensure your previous phone service is disconnected.

27.) Do I need to be home for my installation?

Yes. In order for Advanced Cable to install and test your Advanced Phone service, you need to be present.

28.) What if I can't be home for my installation?

Call Advanced Cable at 954-753-0100 to designate a family member/representative age 18 or older who will act on your behalf, approve the installation, and sign the subscriber agreement and other important documents. If you are transferring your existing phone number from your current provider to Advanced Phone, and can't find a replacement, it is important to call 954-753-0100 at least 3 business days before your appointment, or you might temporarily lose telephone service. If you have a monitored security system, your representative will need to have your alarm password to provide to your monitoring company for testing purposes.

29.) I wasn't home, and now my phone is out of service.  What should I do?

Contact Advanced Cable at 954-753-0100 to reschedule the installation.

30.) How long does installation take?

Approximately 2 hours

31.) How soon will my Advanced Phone service be active?

When installation is completed, Advanced Phone is active. The installer will provide you with a Welcome Kit that details all aspects of your service.

32.) Can I move my Advanced Phone equipment modem from one location to another?

Moving your Advanced Phone equipment may cause your service, including E911, to stop functioning. Please call Advanced Cable before moving your Advanced Phone equipment.

33.) Does Advanced Cable provide technical support for my Advanced Phone service?

Yes. To contact us 24/7, call 954-753-0100. Technical Phone Support is FREE!

34.) Who maintains my Advanced Phone equipment?

Advanced Cable Communications

35.) Do I have to buy extra equipment?

No. Advanced Cable will provide you with the equipment (eMTA) that you need for theAdvanced Phone service at a $10 monthly rental fee.

36.) Do I need a special phone?

No. All standard touch-tone, wall-mounted, portable and cordless phones work with Advanced Phone.

37.) Is Advanced Phone compatible with answering machines and Caller ID display?

Yes, Advanced Phone is compatible with most answering machines and Caller ID displays. You must have a Caller ID display to use Caller ID. Remember that Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID and Call Forwarding and more are at no additional cost with Advanced Phone.

38.) Will a fax machine work with Advanced Phone service?

Yes, in most cases. Some older fax machines may not be compatible.

39.) Will Advanced Phone work with my home network?

Yes. Advanced Phone and Advanced High Speed Internet services are separate. Your home network will not be affected by Advanced Phone.

40.) Are there other circumstances that could affect my use of Advanced Phone Services?

In addition to those reason listed above, if Advanced Phone service is interrupted as a result of downed cables connecting to your home or cuts to other portions of our network (as can happen in cases of severe storms), the service will not function until those facilities are restored. Depending on the specific facilities impacted, traditional phone providers may be affected in similar ways.

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